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069 Public Sector Exit Payments

October 20, 2020 Daniel Barnett Season 1 Episode 69
Employment Law Matters
069 Public Sector Exit Payments
Show Notes

The Restriction of Public Sector Exit Payment Regulations 2020 aim to prevent public bodies from making excessive payouts to departing employees. They cap the amount of an exit payment at £95,000. That sounds like a generous enough redundancy package, but things are as ever a little more complicated than that. To discuss the detail I’m joined by employment lawyer and commentator Darren Newman who works closely with a variety of public sector employers – particularly local authorities.  You'll learn:-

  • what’s it's all about
  • what organisations are covered?
  • what does the £95,000 cap include, and how is the cap allocated between the different elements of an exit payment? is 95K – what does that include?
  • are there exceptions?
  • when do the Regulations come into force? What about redundancies that are already in the pipeline?
  • Darren Newman's top tip for public sector employers.


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